"My name is Scott Schuur we came to Dr. Marc A. Blais due to the fact we had heard he was an Atlas Chiropractor vs the usual bone crusher type chiroprator's for my 12 year old daughter. Back in September my daughter who is a avid select softball player began to have severe headaches. They were so bad that we ended up in the ER on 3 different occasions over a 2-3 week period. We even were refered by her pediatrician to see a Neurologist. The neuroligist was convinced that she was having migraine headaches and had put her on some meds. The meds were not working so we switch to a different medication and that was not working either. My daughter had missed almost a month of school by this time. My mother who had seen a Atlas Chiropractor up in Minnesota told me to find one of these type of Chiropractors that every time she got a major headache that would not go away she would go to him and her atlas was out and he would adjust it and her headaches would go away instantly. 

Yes I was skeptical at first as most people would be but my daughter had been having these headaches for now over a month and what the medical doctors were doing as far as meds were not working and I was very concerned giving a 12 year old such strong meds. 

I made appointment and we went and say Dr. Blais. He explained to us completely what he does and he took x-rays of my Daughters skull, neck and spine area and he even showed me the x-rays showing me that her neck was indeed out of alignment. He then was able to take her headache that day that she had rated a 8 out of 10 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst down to a 1 within minutes. I was totally amazed as was my daughter. I was so happy to have my daughter back to feeling like a kid again. We had to make a few return trips as her atlas went out of adjustment a few times and her headache came back. Then each time we went her headache would literally go away instantly after the adjustment. My daughter was able to tell after he would explain to her where the pressure points were behind her ear if her headache was coming back again and she would say "Dad I think we better go back to the Chiroprator as my headache is coming back and the presure points hurt". We would head up to Blair and within minutes Dr. Blais would have her Atlas back in alignment and her heardache would be gone instantly. Nothing is worse than seeing a 12 year old having Headaches so bad that she could not get her head off the pillow. Dr. Blais is truly my daughters hero! 

Then my daughter finally after getting her headaches to stay away went back to Softball practice after missing about a month. Her first day back at practice they are practicing in the rain due to a tournament coming up. It became muddy throught practice. Toward the end of practice my daughter goes to slide into homeplate and with all the mud she hit hard and went absolutly no where. She complained that night about her butt hurting but I figured she bruised her tailbone which she had done before. The next day she could not sit in school it hurt so bad. Well guess what, Fractured pelvis! The moral behind this story Dr. Blais was able to use the lazor technology that he has over multiple visits and this helped my daughter's pelvis to heal so much more quickly. 

I would recommend Dr. Blais to anyone with any back issues, neck issues, and especially any headache issues. He truly saved my daughter from a life time of Migraine meds. 

Thank you, 
Scott Schuur"


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